Christmas Snob

James asked me tonight what kind of stuff I wanted in my stocking and I wasn't even offended that after 4+ years of marriage the man might still be having some troubles.

You see, James does an amazing stocking. He's an expert, if I may say so myself.
He's creative and wraps every little thing so that everything is still a surprise.

He gets funny candy bars in the shape of santa and candy canes.

Everything looks as if Santa prepared it himself.

He's that good.

But here's the thing: I'm not your usual stocking person.

I love all the little things he puts in there but when it comes to the candy and cookies and any treat wrapped in plastic, I'd rather pass.

If you take me to the store to pick out a treat, I usually go straight for the artisan bread or the french bread.

So after a hunt for some miscellanious items that James needed we decided that I'm your stuck-up-too-snobby-for-your-awesome-regular-stocking person.

Let's just say that I would probably be the happiest girl if my stocking contained mini cheese rounds, croissants, a large bag of mandarine oranges and a big stack of magazines.
Who's with me??

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