Some of you may be wondering why I have been neglecting this little blog of mine.

and there is one reason.

and this little reason is probably why I have been neglecting MOST things lately.

I recently got licensed to teach Zumba and I have been working really hard to teach as soon as possible.

Most days I only have time to eat, take care of jackson, and feed my husband.

The rest of the time is taken.

So, forgive me.

I'll try to put in a little time just for you guys :)

Posing with the famous Lindsey Taylor

New Zumba friends!


Dave and Rachel said...

Jess, congrats on getting your Zumba licence!! I bet you are so much fun to take a class from!! I would love love love to come to one of your classes!!

Married Mannings said...

How exciting for you! I would love to come a class of yours. Tell me when and where!

Jessica said...

I'll let you girls know as soon as I start teaching! :)