Random Saturday

I had the most amazing, life changing piece of bread of my life.
Artichoke asiago pesto bread from Great Harvest.
I went it, stole a sample and didnt buy a thing.
I could die today and feel like I've lived after tasting it.

I'm never again buying boots at the beginning of the season.
I went to the mall yesterday and found $200 boots for $30.
And we are now a happy family.

I cant wait one more minute for spring to stay here for good.
Jackson has for the most part been the healthiest kid this winter,
but lately he's been on a cold run.
And I can't sleep if he's sick.
Is that just me?

The forecast called for rain today but its sunny as all get out outside.
Daybreak lake walk?
why yes, thank you!

My house needs spring cleaning.
But I don't do well at cleaning one thing at a time.
I have no patience.
Cleaning house = one day or I freak.
So we just have a messy house instead.

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I Heart Salt Lake said...

That bread sounds yummy. I will have to try it out.