Gem and phlegm rhyme (as in some of you may gag)

I know it gets lame when people just brag about their husbands.
And I usually try to keep it to a minimum.
But I've got myself a gem.

He doesnt mind coming home to me in a gray suit.
and by that I mean a gray XXL pair of sweats and coordinating sweatshirt.
with my hair a hot mess.
With all of the contents of our dishwasher on the floor (thank you jackson),
and carpet full of cracker dust from jackson's dinner.
With 4 different piles of clothes on the floor that needed to be washed
but didn't.

and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
there's so much that's wrong with me.
yet he finds ways to love me anyway.

I don't see me ever making it without him.

1 comment:

Morgan said...

Awe that's so presh! Hope you get feeling better!

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