I didn't make any resolutions last year.
Mostly because I thought I'd never stop being the size of an elephant.
Also, didn't think I could ever have a life after baby.
But here I am, one year later.
With a 9 month old baby boy, who isn't so bad after all,
I'm also no longer an elephant,
and just really happy with my life.

So I'm ready to commit to a couple of things.
Not too many, because usually I just forget.
Also, I'm really bad at sticking to long term commitments (Other than marriage... HA!).
I like making monthly resolutions. Is that weird?

Organize my house
like really get rid of things or at least store them well and get my house bare of the things I don't love.
Sell the house
We're in NO hurry, but we want to see how this goes.
Stick to my 2 week menus.
I already make them, I'm just kind of lazy some days and don't end up making what I'm supposed to which equals wasted food that might go bad because of me.
Read more.
I read a pretty good number of books last year, but I really am getting more and more in love with this hobby. In my list of books is the BOM, which I'm working on right now.
I haven't run in months. I miss it. I want to love it again. maybe run a 5k again this year.

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