Ruffled Shirt

Sorry it took me so long.
And you guys may be disappointed
because tonight I'm only showing you one of my projects.
Why, you ask?
well sewing super soft and stretchy 100% organic cotton is...
a female dog.
Just ask my mother. She had to help me.. A LOT.
Thank goodness I only used these shirts for one of the projects or I would have called it quits.
Used this tutorial, which was super easy to follow.
I didnt do it exactly how she shows it, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

All you need is 2 t-shirts (which I got for a dollar each at walmart!), a sewing machine and some thread and you are good to go.


Melissa said...

Love it!! So stinkin cute!

Zak and Stephany said...

You have inspired me to make one now, I just have to find the time to do it. You are very creative Jessica!

P.J. said...

so cute!!