When Jackson was a couple of weeks old, I was certain he would be the end of me.
Not just of life how I knew it, but actual death.
Fast forward 4 months later, and I shower daily, put make up on, and on occasion even wear heels (!)
My life, how I knew it, IS over. But it has been replaced by a life full of joy. Full of baby laughs and missing chunks of hair. A life that is never dull.

I love Jackson and everything he has been. The 3 hours of pushing. The 2 weeks in bed rest after he was born. The battle we had with breast feeding. The late nights full of cries and gas. The fights for him to eat. The never ending smiles in the morning. The deformation of my face from baby claws. The sucking of my chin. The laughs that fill the room. The naps together in the afternoons.

I'm a mother.
And I wouldn't change that for the world.


Stephanie said...

Jessica... You absolutely beautiful in that pic, and Jackson is adorable. You are one lucky woman.

Jessica said...

Thank you steph!! that is so sweet of you!