You're twelve weeks and growing up at an incredible speed.
The joy I thought I'd feel at seeing you grow is slightly dimmed by my selfishness of wanting you to stay just the way you came into this world.
Your dad and I spent the whole afternoon watching videos of you and reminiscing on what you were just weeks ago. And its humorous to think of now, but all the pain I felt delivering you and recuperating from your birth, and all the sleepless nights those first weeks, they are all erased from my memory. All I seem to remember is those nights spent with you peacefully on my chest, the first time you smiled, our first conversation, and those beautiful times in between.
As I fed you last night, I realized your hands no longer fit perfectly around my thumb and for a second I didn't want to stop looking at you of fear that you would continue growing right before my very eyes.
Soon you will be all grown up and these things I savor daily will all be gone. But remember that mama loved you from the very moment she found out she'd soon be called mama.


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