I know I've been lost.
I totally suck at blogging when I have a tiny human being to take care of.

But I wanted to update you on life.

Last week, I really fell deeply in love with my little boy.
He smiles every time he sees me, and could talk to me for hours.
I dress him up like an old man and comb his hair like one too.
We are the best of friends.

He eats a lot but takes his sweet time at doing so.
He lets me sleep for a whole 3 hours at a time when he's nice.
He SUCKS at sucking. Just is not part of his nature (weird, I know)
We kiss all day long like we are boyfriend and girlfriend.
He likes getting his diaper changed.
He likes pooping right after you change him into a clean diaper.
He loves going on walks when its sunny outside.
He burps like a man.
He sweats like one too. Yes, my baby is sweaty and I have James to thank for that.

How am I doing?

I lack a lot of sleep but I've learned to suck it up by now.
My house is a total mess but I don't really mind.
James and I go to bed at 10:30 when we're being adventurous.
We have no social life.
We laugh for hours about a smile Jackson gives us, or a noise he makes.
We are suckers for fake cries even when we know they are fake.
We take pictures of him blinking. eating. sleeping. You name it.
We also record these things.

So... I'm doing awesome. My life has completely changed, but I love it.
I have a lot of support and a lot of love from my family and friends.
And it doesnt hurt that my baby boy is the cutest thing I ever did see.

Welcome to parenthood, I guess.

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Beesley Family said...

Your little boy is so cute! We need to come by and see him soon. When is a good time?