Baby Wise

As I've been soaking in my own dirt the last few nights,
I have started reading a couple of books to help me with this whole baby situation.
Soon enough, this little boy will be here and I need to feel a little bit more prepared
to take on that new challenge.
My sister in law, Liz, let me borrow this book and both her and my other two sisters in law swear by it. This book talks about putting your baby in a routine that is not so much concentrated on watching the clock or feeding your baby on demand, but mostly just making a system in which the clock guides you but you are able to make a pretty flexible routine with your child.
I have really enjoyed it and just hope I can remember to do all of the things that it advises you to do. I am kind of nervous of forgetting key points in keeping a baby's routine and then ruining both of our lives forever.
My biggest fear right now is giving birth to a colicy baby or a baby that will be too hard to put on a routine. I hope as we get used to having a new little member in our family, we will be able to adjust and even exceed at parenting.

Is that a little too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're reading it! I messed Annie up bigtime by having no idea what to do with her. Both our lives sucked for about 6 months. However, I read this book before I had Eli and Aerin and their newborn periods were much more enjoyable. If you can call it that. :)

Dave and Rachel said...

I love that you threw a bowling ball across 2 strangers lanes! haha You are going to be such a fun mom with your little guy! Keep reading lots of books so you can teach me one day. ;)

Cati said...

baby wise will save your sanity... and leave you some time to be a wife to your James. My kids were on a routine since day one and by month 3 it was set in stone... loved it loved it...