Pregnancy updates

In case you were wondering,
this is what the belly is looking like as of a week and a half ago.
My normal pants still fit, but its funny to see the rubber band so expanded.
I can no longer see my feet when I look down.
I have to pull my shirt down all the time so the bottom of my belly wont poke out.
and the baby uses my bladder as its personal punching bag,
which leaves me visiting the ladies room every 5 minutes.

And those are the latest news.


design gal said...

hey girl! you won the magnet board on my blog! check it out!

p.s. congrats on the baby!

Art Bellies said...

Congratulations. You are on a great adventure. My wife just finished growing her belly - it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So we figured out a beautiful and elegant way of turning her pregnancy into art - like photographing her growth week by week but with colors. You can check it out at www.artbellies.com