Lessons Learned in 2009

New Year resolutions are achievable most of the time.
Diet is never the answer: exercise is.
The kitchen is the place to make traditions.
The best dates are achived on the couch while cuddling.
Having role models will get you where you want to go.
SUV's are the greatests.
Allow yourself to eat what you want. Worry about it later.
Vacations are necessary for your well being.
Drinking water really does make a difference.
A clean house makes for a happy marriage.
Making friends only gets harder with age.
It takes not something awful, but something great to happen to you to realize who your real friends are.

Gardening is not for everyone.
Your husband is your real best friend.
You only learn by making your own mistakes.
When you find yourself too comfortable, you should take on something new.
You never grow out of procrastination.
The longer you spend with someone the more you learn to love their imperfections.
People do change, but only if they want to.
Give into cravings every time you get; everything tastes so much better that way.
Motherhood is the scariest thing I have ever encountered.
The body is the greatest work of art.
Things change and people do too. And that is okay.
At the end of the day, money is just money.
Happiness is found inside the walls of your home.
Love is something you have to work at every day.

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