Dear Baby,

You need to stop kicking me in weird places.
Moma's gotta sleep once in a while so she
can have the energy to take care of you when you get here.
You will be here in 121 days, or so the internets says.
I can't believe time is flying by so quickly.
You could say mom and dad are in no way ready for your arrival,
but we will call it... a little unprepared.

Moma is going on vacation next week so make sure
you are well behaved in there.
There will be lots of walking and exploring so little
to no whinning is necessary.

You are making my belly so big and hard,
it's getting more and more believable that
there is a baby waiting to come out in there.

This week, we are going to pick out a couple of colors to try out
for your nursery so we can make it a perfect space for you.
We are getting more and more excited to welcome you into
our little family and can't wait to have a little extra person
to play with us all the time.

I love you.

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