Before and After


The curtains were a tease because I really wanted to show
you guys the whole living room.
We changed up our collage wall to something a little more uniform.
We loved our large collection of pictures,
but thought maybe no one wants to see
all of our lovey dovey pictures every time they come to our house.

So.. what do you think?
I am personally head over heels over this room right now.
It feels so cozy and welcoming.

Oh, and you see the tiny black and white painting of the pot of flowers?
I did it in 30 seconds.
If you're interested, let me know,
I'll sell them super cheap in sets or alone.


Dave and Rachel said...

I love it!! And you made those curtains?! They are darling and add so much to the room!

Melissa said...

Loving it! I have been talking myself into making curtains for about 3 years. Maybe I'll really try in 2010. They look great!