Simplicity Room - Girl

Ok, I love everything about this room and I think it would work perfectly for a girl's nursery. I love all of the neutral pieces with touches of color here and there. I love how you can square off a part of a wall (E.) and make it a small decorative spot. I would probably do it in the seafoam green (F) to add some color, since I would probably keep the walls the tan color they are right now. The circular rug would look amazing in the center of the room for some interest. I love the mural (B) and think it would be a perfect way to get yourself very involved in the process of decorating. I think I might do something like that whether it be in those colors or even something a little different.
This is a dream nursery for me. I for sure want a small chandelier if it does happen to be a girl because I think it adds so much femininity to a room. Anyway, a lot of the pieces in this room are reaaally expensive or found somewhere online so I dont have prices but I would only be using this as inspiration (except for the crib, which we own) since if I tried to recreate this room entirely, I would end up without a leg, an arm, and maybe an eye.
Do you like?


Sarah said...

Hi Jess!
I feel like I miss you since I never see you on FB! :( Anyway, I LOVE this girl room. Too bad you're having a boy. :) I sure am excited to find out for real!

Married Mannings said...

I hope your having a girl, because I LOVE girly things. But if you have a boy thats okay too I guess :) BUT I still like what you picked for your baby girl!!!