More beautiful than a double rainbow.

We were sitting around watching tv last night and the normal flutters and bubbles of what I know to be my baby were more noticable than ever; it felt like I had a bad case of indigestion.
After holding my belly for a couple of minutes though, I knew this was different.
I. felt. him. or her.
On the outside.
With my hand.
I excitedly rushed James over to try and feel with me.
We sat there waiting for a sign. And as miraculously as it came the first time, it came a second time.
And for what seemed like hours, we did nothing but look at each other with our eyes open wide, completely silent; taking this moment in little by little.

It was the first real testimony to us that we have made a human together;
A perfect little moving human.

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Sarah said...

That is so cool! I really miss that feeling--enjoy it all you can. :)