Dear baby,

I got to hear your little heart beat yesterday.
It's the same as it has been- 153 bpm.
I thought we might be able to find out your gender at the appointment yesterday,
but I was wrong and really sad because of it.
I feel you move all the time now and you don't let me sleep.
I am getting more of a belly each day and my pants don't want to button anymore.

On November 12th, we have THE ultrasound.
Words can't describe how much I want to know what you are.
We are not going to find out there and then; we will celebrate instead.

We are going to record it all, have the ultrasound tech put what you are in an envelope,
have a lady make a cake with the inside icing being pink or blue,
invite all of your peeps over and have a party
and cut that cake together to find out who you are.

You can't mention the word 'party' without your mom getting all excited;
Mama loves parties.

So here we go... waiting has never been so hard.
Life is going to get much more exciting once I can buy you things
and celebrate you even more.

See you in 15 days, sweetie.


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