Hi Chunkiness,

I hope you're a little fatty when you come out.
I love chubby babies, so imagine how much I'm going to love you!
We get to see you on Thursday and we are so excited.
Daddy didn't think he could make it
but he's done all he could to change that.
We don't want to miss seeing you, ever!

I'm almost done with the first trimester
and you have been an angel.
Don't try and make up for being so good once you're born.
Stay nice, please.

We bought you a CRIB.
We are so obsessed with you we couldn't help it.
Your little room is going to be super cute.

Anyway, be great on Thursday.
The doc said we get pictures to take home!
We're expecting kicks and punches and maybe even a smile.

Be there, please!


Cati said...

its so cute to see you guys so excited... I didn't write letters while the kids were in my belly, but we do write letters to them now. Enjoy this time, its the best best best...!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks! we really can't wait. I love learning new things about my pregnancy! I cant wait till it's a little person!