The Decision

After too much of a hassle to get crib#2,
we decided it was probably not meant to be.
It was supposed to be free shipping
and even some percentage off because it was on a big sale,
but at check out it would not do it.
We asked about it, fought for it, but nothing.
We went to Target, to see if they had crib #2 there by any chance,
but it was an online deal only.
Anyway, we searched and searched and ended up getting the crib above.
It was very sturdy, on a great sale, and brought a free mattress!
Did I mention it was beautiful too??
Plus, we think it will go great with what we have planned for the changing table.
So stay in touch and watch for the transformations!

Do you like the new crib?


Dave and Rachel said...
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Dave and Rachel said...

I love the new crib! Brown will go so cute with anything! Have you guys set it up yet? I think it will be so fun for you guys to set up the baby's room! :)

Jessica said...

Not yet, but we have to. Right now we are kind of using that room as storage so we need to get it cleaned out so we can start putting things where they go! I think the brown will look great too!