Simple Salads

On my new quest to finding healthier choices for meals, I came across the 101 Simple Salads in the New York Times.
There are many of which I have no desire to try, and others that are so completely out of the ordinary that just need to be had.
I want to try a couple where you incorporate fruit and vegetables because those are two major things I need in my diet these days.
Eating healthy can sometimes be a challenge when my husband wishes he could eat bacon bits for snacks most days. So finding easy recipes that don't require a lot of planning helps to whip things up quickly.
I probably won't be able to share many of these recipes with him, but they are good alternatives for lunch at work.
Read up and be creative and try adding your own twists on those recipes.

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dsi r4 said...

So glad to have found this post. Thanks for the link, it is full of delicious salad recipes. I love this post. Keep posting!!