Hey baby,

I think you're stretching out my insides.
The sides of my belly hurt.
I'm already so worried about you being ok.
I made an appt to make sure it was ok that you were hurting me.
Wednesday I'll know for sure.
Please make sure you're healthy and strong.
We love you too much already.

I swear I have a bump even if nobody agrees.
I already have long conversations with you;
sometimes in the car and people think I'm crazy.

We bought a little treasure that daddy is going to refinish,
and we are going to change your little diapers on it.

You're the size of an olive! an olive for goodness sake!
and by Sunday you will be a PLUM.
I love how we compare you to vegetables and fruits.
Those are my favorite foods.
Other than McDonald's hot fudge sundaes, anyway.

See you Wednesday.

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Melissa said...

Oh gosh, I love this! Seriously, so adorably written and great thoughts for the little sweetie to read one day!