Willoughby Suckfest

I was reading a really great blog today, when I realized I don't usually share the less awesome moments of our lives. So today, because I have a long weekend starting in an hour and am in a good mood, I will share with you the dirty truth.

  • I'm not even all the way home from work when my pants are already unbottoned and halfway down my legs, ready to be thrown on the floor.
  • We don't answer the door most of the time... because we are naked.
  • We laugh really loudly at each others' bodily functions.
  • I don't think I've actually cleaned my fridge since we moved in... last October.
  • I had vegetables that were growing mini vegetables all around them because of the problem above.
  • I think I can count with only a couple of fingers the times we have actually sat at our dining room table to eat. Sitting on the carpet infront of the TV is just as fancy.
  • My white clothes sometimes look more like gray.
  • Though the main floor of our townhome looks like I spend every waking moment cleaning, the 2nd floor looks like satan's abode.
  • I can probably go a week without washing my hair. Beachy-bum is in...right?
  • James realized WAY to early in our marriage that smooth legs mostly only happen on Sundays.
So yeah... self-esteem issues must be gone for now because I don't even feel embarrassed.

Why dont YOU share YOUR suckfestness!?!

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