The Story of My Life

I've been having really bad pains and went to the doctor.
They rushed me to the hospital like I was going to die or something.
Needles (eek) and tests later, I'm still at the hospital wondering what's up.
I ask what is going on and no one tells me.
They tell me my doctor will call and let me know what's going on.
They tell me to go home and RELAX.
yeah. right.
1 hour later my doctor calls.
He tells me they will keep me on watch for a couple of days because of where the pain is.
But other than that, everything looks normal.
He tells me I'm F I N E.


So you are telling me you treated me like I was going to DIE to let me know that I have nothing?
and what am I on watch for?
and why is no one telling me what is going on?
and why are you scaring me and giving me names of things I can't even pronounce to then tell me I am F I N E?!

Can you tell I am a little frustrated?
Because I am. But I'm mostly a little scared.

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