Oh, you are just like all the other ones?? WEIRD.

Want to hear what I think?

Jillian- I bet you are GLAD GLAD GLAD
you were let go before all of this.
Melissa- Way to go girl and standing up for yourself.
I'm glad you let him have it.
Molly- I threw up a little bit in my mouth when
I saw your hair at the After The Final Rose.
AAND a little more when you put your hand on his leg
and let him take you as his second choice.
Jason- Low hit to Melissa. ouch.
Classy making out with Molly moments after though.
Real nice.

I am kind of glad it's over.
The addiction was just too great.
The next Bachelorette?
I hope Melissa says H no to those ABC back stabbers.
And Jillian gets a second try to find a good man.

The End.
At least until next season, anyway ;)


Stephanie said...

I agree with you completely. What a jerk. Molly's hair was horrible. I also think that Melissa handled it well. Better than I would have that is for sure. I think that Jillian should get another chance. She was my fav.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's NOT the end...there's an "After the Final Rose Part 2" on tonight! How much longer can they drag it on?