Day 2

Who could have thought that a Spinning class could kick your trash?
Well, not I.
So I faced it with my tough attitude.
By minute 10, I was begging for class to be over.
50 minutes later, you could guess how I was feeling.
But I did it.
And after, I was even glad I did.
Now the decision to go or not to go on Thursday...
At 5:30 in the morning.
I might DIE since I haven't woken up that early since
I was a junior in high school and had
early morning seminary.

We'll see.

I'll see you tomorrow night.

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Married Mannings said...

Good for you!! I went to a spinning class once. ONE TIME WAS ENOUGH FOR ME. It kicked my butt big time and I was so sore the day after. Spinning is way hard!! Props to people who love it, because it was torture for me!!