The Never Ending Song.

For the last month, a virus has invaded my body and called it its home.
Don't worry, medicine won't make him leave.
Neither will prayers.
One week it decides to stay on one end of the "island" and I am aching, coughing, ready to DIE.
Next week, It leaves down south to explore the perimeters, causing me to puke out everything I eat.
After being adventurous and traveling my whole body, it comes back to where it can make the most damage; my respiratory system.
Thus causing sneezing, coughing (again) and a sore throat.

If you'd like to invite him into your holy temple, please contact me.
I will be sure to sneeze him out on you, and have him spend a good little vacation at your place.

What you do after that is up to you.
All I can tell you is that it is guaranteed to stay in your immune system for months.

Don't be too excited.

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