Youthful Bliss

I am the youngest person in my office since I work with a woman in her 30's and men all past their 50's.
Everyone here thinks of me as this undefeatable creature that IS and should be able to do all things that they are no longer able to do.

I get sick and people criticize me for it because, at my age, I shouldn't be getting sick so often.

I get excited for something, LIKE MY BEST FRIEND HAVING A BABY GIRL, and they laugh. Only someone my age would get that excited about things like that. They, on the other hand, know the true joys of life.

Someone makes a comment about an old movie. I try to comment back, because maybe I LIKE OLD MOVIES. They disregard it because I'm young. This movie was made before I was born. I couldn't know.

So yeah. I sit here and make comments when they talk about CURRENT events, maybe even politicsm, but only things related to Obama, sometimes even Bush.
Heaven forbid I may know something about life. I'm only married and in my twenties.

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