You Now Have Permission to Laugh at Me

We were at Sears the other day, when we spotted what they like to call a SLANKET.
It is a blankets with arms that you can wear around your home. You would be happy to know that it comes in a variety of colors from zebra print to a sage green like below.
When we spotted it, James couldnt stop laughing at this shame of a creation. I laughed at it a little, then realized whoever created this was a GENIOUS. And then James proceeded to look at me with disgust.

I dont know about you guys but my husband doesnt see the point of a heater until january or so when it is just unbareable to live without it. So as soon as I get home, I usually change into sweat pants and a sweat shirt (James likes to call it my gray suit) to keep me warm.
On top of that, I usually wear one or two blankets. What can I say, I have a problem at keeping warm.
So without further explanationg...I am adding it to my Christmas WISH list.

Emphasis on WISH, because as James would say, there is just a little bit more dignity in the fact that my Gray Suit has a top and bottoms.

Go ahead, laugh.


ChildEmo said...
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Anonymous said...

Jess, this is disgusting. If I EVER see you wearing this...well...I don't know what. Please don't let me see it!
Love you.

Jessica said...

hahaha I told you that you could laugh at me. It is only in my wish list. There is no way that James would EVER allow this to be in my closet. So no worries :)